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BLACKPINK Jisoo Dramas, from The Producers to Snowdrop

BLACKPINK Jisoo is trying to solidify her foothold in the world of entertainment by venturing into the world of roles.

The drama that will be played by Jisoo BLACKPINK will be released soon this year. This woman whose full name is Kim Ji Soo is reportedly also busy in preparation for the release of BLACKPINK’s album in October.

Besides being talented in singing and dancing, Blackpink’s Jisoo is now trying to strengthen her foothold in the world of entertainment by penetrating into the world of roles, here is a list of dramas that Jisoo has played:

1. The Producers (2015)

This romantic comedy genre drama, produced by Seo Soo Min and written by Park Ji Eun, plays famous characters such as Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin and Cha tae Hyun. This drama tells the story of Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun) who decides to work for entertainment division of KBS television station because it has a specific purpose.

Ji Soo appeared in episode 4 as a new member in a segment on KBS television station, even though he did not play a role from the beginning of the film but Ji Soo managed to attract viewers’ attention with the looks and roles he played nicely.

2. Artdhal Chronicles (2019)

In this film, Jisoo plays Sae Na Rae and only appears for 11 seconds, but it shook the Twitter universe. This film is a fantasy romance genre that tells the life of a mystical land in ancient times called Arth, where the inhabitants fight for power.

In this drama Ji Soo appeared in episode 7 as the lover of Sa Ya (Song Joong Ki) who was killed.

3. Snowdrop (2021)

This is the latest film that will be played by Jisoo, in this film he will compete with several top Korean stars such as Yoo In Na and Jang Seung Jo. reportedly the film will air in 2021.

Snowdrop was motivated by the situation of Korea in 1987, when South Korea was led by a leader who had a dictatorial style.

In that year there was a massive demonstration carried out by students to demand their rights, in the end the clash between the apparatus and the students could not be missed.

Long story short, there was a student activist named Im Soo ho (Jung Hae in) who accidentally entered the women’s dormitory covered in blood after participating in a demonstration by other students.

Then Eun Young-cho (Jisoo) tries to save and treat her wound even though she has to face danger under close surveillance. Gradually they fell in love with each other and formed a relationship.

But behind Soo-Hoo’s charisma, it turns out that he keeps a mysterious secret.

Snowdrop Drama Controversy

Reportedly, according to the synopsis of the storyline released by the official snowdrop broadcasting station, the JTBC storyline was deemed too romanticizing scenes of torture and murder to students who were protesting at that time.

Warganet opinion also said that the main character played by Jisoo has the same character as one of the student activists whose name is so attached to the hearts of South Korean students, namely Cho Yougn Cho.

In addition, one of the controversies that arose was the presence of North Korea in the drama line Snowdrop, which South Koreans feared the emergence of protests and complicated political tensions between South Korea and North Korea.

This is a complete review of the drama Jisoo BLACKPINK .

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